Little Rant Thing

I have this problem, I don’t know if it’s common or if its just a mental physiological problem that I have.. But whenever I come home I just feel so intensely depressed and I just constantly think that the whole world is out right at that very moment having an amazing time without me..? it sounds stupid and immature but it actually gets me depressed as fuck. Like I always have to text my girlfriend and constantly ask her what she’s up to just to get some piece of mind.

It’s almost like I’m afraid the worlds all going somewhere without me and I’m just stuck here…
I think I’m just extremely paranoid, I don’t know.

lol im fucked
Written By
Nor Irfan


I really hope I become rich someday
Not to just have all the money
But because I want to donate 
A lot of money to charities and stuff like that
I think that would be awesome, just helping people out
Making the world a better place for them. 
Written By
Nor Irfan

You Are My Only One

You are the love of my life. You are everything that I find beautiful in the world. You are my inspiration. You make wish I were an artist so I could paint your face on a canvas for the world to see and admire. You make me wish I were a poet so I could write stanzas about the color of your eyes and the kindness of your heart. You make me want to be a musician so I could write symphonies explaining the comfort I feel when you hold me.

Written By
Nor Irfan